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Which Team would you Rather Start With?

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10 Team 5x5.  My keepers due in a few days (up to 10 keepers).  I have a few different options to get to $130 keeper budget.  Given the swallowness of a 10 teamer, I'm thinking of going more stars and scrubs this year.  It's amazing what teams actually look like at the end of the year from the ones drafted. I always kick my self for not going big on the studs and then taking $1 players and FA shots.  

Option 1:

Acuna $46; Bellinger $31; Darvish $20; Bichette $16; L Robert $15; K. Hayes $1; Thor or Karinchak $1 - Total $130

Option 2:

Acuna $46; Jose Ramirez $35; Bellinger $31; Bichette $16; K. Hayes $1; Thor or Karinchak $1 - Total $130

Optuion 3: 

Acuna $46; Bellinger $31; Bichette $16; L Robert $15; Yordan $11; Gurriel Jr. $4; K. Hayes $1; Thor $1; Karinchak $1; J. Hicks $1 - Total $127


Thanks for any thoughts!  

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Acuna, Bellinger, Bichette, L Robert, Yordan, Gurriel Jr., K. Hayes. Then toss back those last three players and get more offense to fill up those spots. 

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