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Wander ($1) or Acuna ($46).

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10 team roto 5x5 league - Been offered Wander ($1) for Acuna ($46).  Salaries in this league increased incrementally over time.  Wander is super cheap this year and will be cheap for next 2-3 years.  Hate to give up Acuna, but could spent that $45 to try and keep Trout at $59.  

Total budget for keepers and draft is $270.  About 10-12% inflation in league over Yahoo auction prices due to players' keeper values.  Could probably get him to sweeten deal with Lux ($1) or Kelenic ($1) or Pearson ($1) because he really wants Acuna.

Thanks and WHIR.    

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Agree with Hootie...I would try to see him Tout first, and if he declines, I'd probably stand pat still. Are you in the race for it all this season?

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