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This is a QS league, and we also count sv+holds, and my pitchers go as follows right now...

SP1 Yu Darvish
SP2 Kyle Hendricks
RP Joakim Soria
RP Jake McGee
P Archie Bradley
P Tanner Scott
P Julio Urias
P Marco Gonzalez
BN SP Ian Anderson, SP MacKenzie Gore


The offer for Keuchel is Sano or Donaldson. I'm not sure if it's in the right territory to trade one of those players for Keuchel. I'm not extremely high on either of them, but they wound up on my team.


Feedback is great. WHIR.

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Agree with others. I don't like Donaldson or Sano particularly much, but I like them both more than Keuchel.

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Allow me to take up the Keuchel side here, I quite like him a QS league this season. Tony La Russa is as old school as they come, and I expect veteran pitchers like Lynn, Hendriks and Keuchel to get lots of leash. After Darvish and Hendricks, the starters on your team are going to be challenges to get QS regularly for a variety of reasons. So I'd be considering a way to get another solid QS pitcher, but at what cost I'm not sure without looking deeper at the offense or categories. If this is an OBP league Donaldson is very valuable, and Sano has upside too in most formats.

Can you perhaps try to turn a good early season start  from someone in the bullpen like Bradley or Soria into a trade, and maybe you can get a guy like Zach Greinke for Urias and a reliever or something like that. I'd look elsewhere but circle back to Keuchel if he can be had for a more reasonable cost. 

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