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Thoughts on Rebuilding Team Roster?

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Hi folks, just wondering if you had any thoughts on ways to improve this rebuilding dynasty team roster. 16 teams. Perhaps I should target positions I'm lacking in. Hoping to compete in 2-3 years.  Thanks


C: Molina, Rutchsman

1B: Candelario, Vaughn

2B: K. Marte

3B: Bohm

SS: Tatis, W. Franco

OF: S. Marte, Solak, Carlson, 

P: DeGrom, Bieber, Giolito, I. Anderson, Mahle, Pomeranz

Minors: Julio Rodriguez, Luciano, Dominguez, N. Marte, Casas, Liberatore, G. Rodriguez

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Compete now and trade minors talent for positional weaknesses OR compete in a few years and trade that pitching for young talent.

I think you could do either; that team's not in bad shape.

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You don't have any bench bats you need those, move all the players from you're very last MLB list of players for sticks. Next from you're minors list if you're #2 player is from Toronto? Deal him for offense, but if he is from the giants? Then stay put. Next move you're #6 player for more offense. And if you're #7 player is from the orioles? Move him for offense, but if he is from the rangers? Then stay put. 

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