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I could just drop a back end reliever like Rodriguez or Dolis as the obvious move, but the league is a H2H, and I have Abreu at 1B and Nelson Cruz clogging up one of my 2 UTIL spot, so realistically Hosmer and Vaughn would be competing for playing time, so it would make sense maybe to just cut Hosmer, as good as he is. I'm sort of in a bind at the moment until the IL spots are active, as Kole Calhoun and 2 pitchers on my staff will start on IL. With Nick Solak as my only other bench player, I was going to grab a backup C and another hitter then, but I know the ship on Vaughn is sailing once he waivers post in the morning. It's probably my last chance to grab, so should I play it safe and drop a reliever, and try to trade Hosmer before the season starts, or just embrace the roster construction and let him go? It's a 12 team h2h so there are options like C. Santana, Cain, Aguilar, K. Seager, etc. on the Wire, so I think Vaughn's upside here makes Hosmer droppable. 

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5 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

Its obviously a redraft or I wouldn't be asking lol

If you dont want people to ask just simplu put it in your original post.


I would not drop hosmer for Vaugn, but would consider the RP drop for Vaughn, who is likely to get OF eligibility if he starts in LF for the sox

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