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Last keeper - Hicks or Soler?

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Soler has 40 HR+ & 100 RBI+ potential.  He already proved that during his last full season (2019) when he went 47 HR & 117 RBI.  He's also just turned 29 last month.  Even when you compare their career batting averages Soler hits .20 points higher.  Hicks is on the wrong side of 30 (32 this year) and his career highs are 27 HR & 79 RBI.  Even if Hicks outdoes Soler in runs and steals, it's not a significant enough amount to offset the loss you would take in the BA, HR & RBI categories.

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Agree 100% with the statistical analysis. Only reason I even considered Hicks is likely auction value vs keeper value. ($5) vs Soler ($16). If I seriously considered Hicks I’d be looking to buy in on Soler at $15-$20 at draft. 

For comparison, in my al only redraft yesterday Hicks went for $16/ Soler for $21. 

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Soler.  Hicks is a good pickup on the cheap, but he is not hitting 40 Hrs.  $5 for Hicks is probably a buck or two high imo.  Soler at $16 is fair so even from a value perspective, Soler makes more sense imo.

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