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12 team $50 Bestball Auction tomorrow (Sunday) @ 4pm Eastern: No bad draft spots, can target anyone you want without ADP worries!

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TLDR: Bestball auction (meaning system picks your ideal lineup to score at the end of each week); 40 rounds; start C, 2 CI, 2MI, 3 OF, 5 UT, 9 P; good points set-up; no in-season moves.

League is scored on fantrax and uses their treasurer function for payouts. The scoring is more typical of a standard points league rather than the fantrax bestball defaults, but weighing skills higher than 'luck' categories like wins. Player values match up really well with real life performance and the positions are C, CI, MI, OF, UT, P which means that drafting is easier as you can simply target players you think will have a good season rather than worry about covering 1B, 2B, 3B, SS or having to adjust for a scoring system that weighs certain things too heavily.

Auction is Sunday at 4pm ET; i ran an auction league last season so have the set-up optimized. League is straight bestball, meaning you don't have to set lineups and there is no in-season free agency, the system will just pick your highest scoring players for you each week (hence why there are 18 bench spots).

If you haven't done an auction before don't worry, it's pretty intuitive on fantrax and the clock is a bit slower at the start so that everyone can get acclimated. It's also a great way to make sure you get 'your guys' as there is no getting sniped like in drafts.

Main Settings:

Score best C, 2 CI, 2MI, 3 OF, 5 UT, 9 P each week from roster of 40 (single eligibility).


Singles 1.5; Doubles 2.5; Triples 3.5; Home Runs 5; Walks 1; Hit By Pitches 1; Runs Batted In 1; Runs Scored 1; Stolen Bases 3; Caught Stealing -1; Grounded Into Double Play -1; Strikeouts -0.5


Innings Pitched 1.5; Strikeouts Pitched 2; Wins 3; Quality Starts 3; Holds 3; Saves 5; Hits Allowed -0.5; Walks Allowed -1; Hit Batsmen -1;  Wild Pitches -1; Earned Runs Allowed; -1.5 Home Runs Allowed (HR) -1.5

Payouts (12 teams = $600 pot) 1st: $275 2nd $175 3rd: $100 4th: $50

Rules: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/33p8f131kl1slgma/rules

How players scored in 2020: https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/33p8f131kl1slgma/players;seasonOrProjection=SEASON_135_YEAR_TO_DATE;timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE

Link to join: https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=33p8f131kl1slgma&isSubmit=y

Please pay the fee if you want to play (you can get a refund before the draft if your plans change). If you'd like to do a quick practice auction to get used to the software then i'll likely run one starting tomorrow (can keep pausing it so people can hop in and out as needed).

We can run the league with less than 12 (have 7 at the moment) but i'll make sure to recruit until an hour before to get as many people as possible and i have a few groups/leagues i can post in (plus there's usually a couple of last minute sign-ups).

Reply here or message me if you have any questions; i'm more than happy to answer.

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If we get the full 12 it would be about 4.5 hours for the teams that had lots of $1 bids left after everyone else was finished (including a short break in the middle). If you spend early you can be done in 4 hours.

We'll probably get 8-10 teams though which would mean that 3 hours or a bit less was a possibility; it's bestball so it's a one-off time investment. Did my first auction last year and enjoyed it so much i've decided to try and get at least one in per season. Works especially well at the end of draft season when you have a couple of players you'd like shares of. 

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