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Here's my post from earlier this morning - if you're interested, let me know and provide an email address so our league manager can contact you with league invite link and with info to pay via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle Quickpay.


Grant Krafft (gak254)




This 10 Team H2H 5x5 league has a $40 entry fee paid via Paypal/Venmo/Zelle Quickpay.

The snake draft occurs Monday evening March 29th @ 9:00PM EDT, with random draft order generated 1 hour before draft starts. 
Regular season runs through week 17, 3 2-week playoff rounds run weeks 18 to 23.  Top 6 teams make playoffs – top 2 teams have a bye the first playoff period.
Prize payouts - $100 regular season 1st place, $60 regular season 2nd, $40 regular season third; $100 playoffs 1st, $60 playoffs 2nd, and $40 playoffs 3rd. 
Roster size is 26 – 20 starters & 4 bench players 2 DL slots. Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, four OF, UTIL, nine P
Scoring Categories: Off. – R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP; Def. – W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9inn (Minimum of 24 IP)
ESPN standard undroppable players list.
Lineup changes – Daily…individual player lock @ SCHEDULED gametime.
Player Acquisition System – Free agent auction, continuous; Initial FA acquisition budget - $120 fantasy dollars, which is NOT replenished. FAs may be acquired with $0 bid.  No relevant limit on number of FAs acquired during the season, however, no more than 8 FAs may be acquired during each 7-day matchup.  Waiver claims process Tues, Fri & Sun @ 10PM.  FA auction tiebreaker reset each week based on standings – weaker team with priority.
No trade limit, no trade deadline.

Please reply with 1) name and 2) email address, and 3) account type for fee transfer. 
By return email, we will send invite link and entry fee transfer info.

This is a fun, competitive league - You'll be glad you joined!

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