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$30 Last 2 Spots! 10 Team, H2H Points League. Snake Draft WED 8pm!!

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Hey Everyone,


Last 2 spots in our 3rd year H2H Redraft Points League. The Snake Draft will be Wednesday Night 8pm est. Order randomized 1 hour prior to start. 

$30 League Safe.  We have 8 owners paid, first 2 to pay get the spots.

1st Place - $180
2nd Place - $60
Division Winners - $30 Each

Settings (pretty standard)



Please respond here or shoot me a note if you would like to join. Looking for an active owner.




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Posted (edited)

There is currently no limit and we have not had one in the past (don't see that changing). We do cap Starts at 12 per week and Waivers run only on Sunday & Wednesday. 


It's been a good blend of strategy but without pure volume winning out. Rosters are deep enough that you can't just dump SP every Wednesday and win volume. Because most teams will get 10+ solid starts anyway. 

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1 hour ago, lamars said:

Hmm ok. Strange. The link says "daily" & "no limit".

Appreciate it, but I'll pass. 


Correct, you can edit your lineup daily. But you can only add / drop on Waivers (Wed & Sun) - again, both pretty standard


Lineup Changes
Daily - Lock individually at Scheduled Gametime
Player Acquisition System
Free Agent Budget (Continuous)
Season Acquisition Limit
No Limit
Matchup Acquisition Limit
No Limit (for 7-day matchups)
Waiver Process Days and Time
Wednesday, Sunday @ 9 PM ET
Player Acquisition Budget
Minimum Offer
Free Agent Budget Tiebreaker
Reset Each Week to Inverse Order of Standings
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