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I took over the team in my signature this year.  This is a keeper league where you can keep any 6 players for as long as you want.  As you can see my team is pretty weak and I am thinking about going for a strategy of acquiring top prospects.  

The owner of Wander Franco has stated he would be interested in Bo Bichette and draft picks to acquire him.  It would probably be a 1st and 2nd round pick next year to get it done.  Should I go for something like this with the idea of being able to have Wander Franco for as long as I choose?  WHIR. 

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Absolutely not.  Seriously, Bichette is a top 3-4 round player.  Why would you trade him and picks for a prospect?

And you keep 6 not 16 and already have Bichette, Springer, S. Marte, Bauer,  L/ Guriel, Bohm, Gallen, Hiurra, T. Henrnandez and others.

You have enough players in the top 6 round range already.  You do not need to rebuild.  You need to draft well for the most part each year and like everyone else, hope you guess right and players stay healthy.

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Agree with others. There's a good chance Bichette could outproduce Franco, when he finally reaches the majors. Bo is young still, contributes in every hitting category, and will be hitting near the top of a great, young Toronto team for the next 10 years...hold 💯

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