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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking forward to going back to live auctions again next year for me and my fellow league members

Recruiting wasn't easy with an online auction/18 teams/$1000 and no league safe. 

But next season, if you can make a live auction in NYC, there will be no need for skepticism because the auction will be live and you can see for your own eyes it's a legit league

We rent out a banquet room, have a waitress take our orders for food and booze. 

We hire an auctioneer ($100). 

It is such a good time. It's like Christmas for me. 

If you've been searching for a big money league and you live in the NYC Tri-State area, inquire about my league anytime this year and I'll give you the details

I'm willing to have you take a look at my league this season while it's going on just so you'll know what you're getting into. I can send you an invite via CBS sports so you can have access to our league and take a look for yourself. 

I run an 18 team league. $1000 per team. 5x5 roto auction redraft league

Top 4 finishers "cash"

My league members are Gentlemen. Great group of guys. Mostly middle aged (and older) family men who enjoy fantasy baseball. I've been running fantasy leagues for over 20 years. I run my league like it's my pride and joy. 

We have members in many different professions. It might be a nice way to network

I run 3 leagues all together so there is a little turnover from time to time

You have a whole year to ask me anything you want about the league. It will be live. You'll obviously meet all of the other league members. If you're 40-70+ years of age, you'll fit right in.

Now we're cool with inviting someone in their 30's. No issue with us, I'm just letting you know our age range. 

We use CBS as our stats provider. 

I've been recruiting on here since 2007. I have over 2000+ post

I run great leagues and you can be confident no b.s. will go down in my league and you'll be paid the Monday after the season is over

You should know out of my 3 leagues this season, 2 will go back to live auctions and 1 shall remain online. So if you join my live auction league in NYC and enjoy it, you can vouch for me and tell a friend about my online league the following year provided your friend doesn't live near the NYC Tri-State area. 

I hope to hear from you.


or call or text 718 687 3251

You should know I run fantasy football leagues and fantasy hoops leagues as well. You'll find me in their respective forums for "find a league". 

Good luck to all of you this season

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I use My Safe.

I run a league with guys I've known a very long time, before the internet was a thing, before league safe was created

It's a live auction. We aren't gathering 25 middle aged family men, plus renting out a banquet room of a restaurant to rob anyone of their league fee. 

You bring the league fee in cash and give it to the commissioner, who holds the money

No league safe. this isn't an online league. It's in person. With friends that know each other for 20+ years. 




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