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MLB Waiver Wire and Streaming Thread 2021 Week 1

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MLB Waiver Wire and Streaming Thread 2021 Week 1

This thread is for offering suggested waiver wire pickups and streaming options for week 1 of the 2021 MLB season.

It is not for the following:

Comments that fall into one of these categories or are otherwise not on topic for this thread will be removed.

Some discussion of waiver suggestions is allowed, but this is not the place for an extended debate on the merits of any particular player. Take these in-depth discussions over to the outlook threads for the individual player(s) in question.

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I'm streaming Carlos Rodon @SEA tomorrow. He had a solid spring, and there's a good chance that he can get some run support and get away with the W. Not sure what the Sox have planned rotation-wise for the week, but the two start week is in play as well. Second start looks like it'd be at home vs. KC if it happens.

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I streamed De Leon (no QS, but great Ks and good ERA/WHIP) and am streaming Wade Miley today.  I've also lined up about half a dozen pitchers who are facing the Pirates over the next few weeks.

That team, particularly with Hayes on the IL, is trotting out maybe the worst lineup I have seen from a major league franchise in the last 10+ years. Only the Marlins of the first year of their rebuild rival them in recent memory for ineptitude.  


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Hlds+SVs or holds leagues-
SP/RP Jonathan Loaisiga
Came on before Chapman yesterday in the 8th. Could be looking at high-leverage situations. Also makes for a nice ratio corrector. Puts up clean innings and nets you strikeouts.

OF Akil Baddoo
Do I even have to say anything?

OF Cedric Mullens
Could be a 15/15 or 10/10 possibility or fool's gold.

OF Tyler Naquin
Until Winker is healthy, or until Naquin stops homering, I'd use him in a deep league and probably will myself.

SP Taijuan Walker
Gets Miami today. Worth a look.


Any pitcher facing the Pirates. Arrieta lines up against them today. I guarantee if he has another good outing, Cubs fans are going to be screaming "he's back!" when really, he's just facing the same horrible team that Wade Miley and other pitchers have held down already this season. Oh, and Arrieta already had a QS against them. Just expect it to happen when marginal pitchers (even marginal) face the Pirates. A QS or decent line... they're seriously terrible. Agree completely with the post above. I was just expressing my disdain for the Pirates' lineup yesterday to somebody.

If you can stream Arrieta and he wasn't scooped in your league, I'd definitely play him today. But then I would drop him and let somebody spend a bunch of misguided FAB $ on him...

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Ok so I have two for you, both r gonna make u say eww but I have a hunch again...


Trevor Williams- maybe alil chip on his shoulder vs his old ball club 

Mike Foltynewicz- saw something saying that the Padres offense right now isn’t seeing right handlers as well. Last night most of the damage was done off a lefty reliever. 

Hey, it’s Sunday...go out and win your week! 

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