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I expressed interest in Wander Franco and was offered this trade.  I think its way too much.  The guy who has Franco given up a lot for him so I think he is reaching.  Thoughts...WHIR

Get: Carlos Rodon, Wander Franco, Adalberto Mondesi, Triston McKenzie, 2022 Round 17 Pick 

Give: Bichette, Bauer, Corbin, Pablo Lopez, 2022 Round 3 pick

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I think that's too much also. Mondeai is hurt often and very streaky, although is gold when he's in his groove. Verdict is still out on McKenzie, his frame doesn't instill a lot of confidence with me his body can hold up over the season long grind. Rodon could be decent but he's more a FA add than a real piece of a trade, that pick doesn't seem too exciting either. 

Bo could end up being really good and put up comparably with Wander, Bauer is solid and in a great environment with LA. Corbin will have his ups and downs but is still pretty solid with how hard SP is to come by. Pablo has shown some really good stuff, I think he could pan out to be pretty good SP for fantasy.  I think you're giving up too much SP, too high a puck, and the difference between Bo's output and Wander's I don't see it being bigh enough to part with everyone you'd have to give up. 

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