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Hey guys

So - squad destroyed by injuries so I went super stream mode for this week to get a victory. I HAVE to get to 2nd place if I can to get a chance for that 1st round BYE with Harden out (currently 2 games back from 2nd place).

Currently down 6-2-1 so far this week, but all the CATS are close and I have an advantage on man games for tonight.

Wanted some feedback on some potential moves. I have 4 add/drops left for the week, so I want to make a good call.

Option 1

Keep Gallo for tonight (dud last night), and then switch out for Thursday for a B2B with either: Patrick Williams, Colby White 

Option 2 

Move Gallo for a B2B guy tonight (Poku, Maledon, Tim Hardaway, Crowder), and then jump decide how to use the last few moves on Fri - Sun


My thinking was that Gallo was terrible last night, and some of the other guys in Option 2 would give me more of a all-around game



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Just now, ez2do4now said:

Tough decision, I'd go with option 2. When in doubt trust your gut.

Thanks - I'm going to wait closer to tipoff to see if there's any surprise guys sitting out

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3 hours ago, squidthunder said:

If you guys had to choose between Poku or Maledon?

Bump.... Rosters lock in 30 mins. I'm down in most all cats but winning assists

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