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Why is Olson even discussed as a drop candidate? Hate to be harsh but that’s absurd. I see a lot of concern in threads about players- recently saw one asking what happened to Laureano after his hot start. 
baseball is a long season and II understand you have to make decisions with roster space limitations In mind but guys like Olson should not be in the conversation. 

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If you really understand that it's a long season, then you wouldn't bother to cite a player's individual stats after his team has played 8 out of 162 games.  To do so would be akin to judging a footba

I think we're talking about a lot more than potential considering Olson's HR totals in each of the last 4 seasons have been 24, 29, 36, and 14, the latter of which would pro-rate out to around 35 in a


Oakland playing 7 games at home, primarily against LHP (Matz, Kay, Ray, Ryu?, Fleming, Hill, McClanahan?). While he's not showing platoon splits this year in small sample size, I am reducing expectations this week.

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The power is no surprise, but that 17% strikeout rate came out of nowhere. That's an elite skill combo - the only guy in MLB with a lower K% and higher average exit velocity than him this season is Vlad Jr.

If he can keep the strikeouts under 20%, he'll continue to have a good batting average and be a four-category monster.

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