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Boz goes with Plaxico Burress, we're moving now. After a fit of swearing, MT goes with Selvin Young.

Someone text KG & GBPig (or turdburglar) , they're coming up soon.

Off to my kid's daycare BBQ (oh joy), then the emergency laundry run, so someone text me when my turn comes up - I'll have my lists / cell on. I will check back in before I leave for laundry, to update the lists - wouldn't want someone to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from having to to text me 2 rounds worth of picks, LOL.

I won't be able to to text for another hour, then once I do I'll be driving and won't have the updates. If anyone can do it before then that'd be awesome, if not I'll get him and all the updates when I get home around 6:30ish.

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Round 5:

49 - HighLanderZ - Lee Evans (BUF)

50 - Dr Mcsexy - Willie Parker (PIT)

51 - RotoRaysFan - Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ)

52 - Boz - Plaxico Burress (NYG)

53 - MustacheToes - Selvin Young (DEN)

54 - GBPig - Dwayne Bowe (KC)

55 - Gonzo - Kevin Smith (DET)

56 - dodgerblues - Greg Jennings (GB)

57 - sLim - Ronnie Brown (MIA)

58 - ArizonaSamson - Marvin Harrison (IND)

59 - nickalero - Torry Holt (STL)

60 - spundin - Roddy White (ATL)

Round: 6

61- spundin - Ted Ginn Jr. (MIA)

62 - nickalero - Eli Manning (NYG)

63 - ArizonaSamson -

64 - sLim -

65 - dodgerblues -

66 - Gonzo -

67 - GBPig -

68 - MustacheToes -

69 - Boz -

70 - RotoRaysFan -

71 - Dr Mcsexy -

72 - HighLanderZ -

Back for a while, going well. Can someone text me if I don't post within about 10 mins after being OTC? It means I'm spending "quality time" with the missus!

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The real question, is KG & GBPig99 out there - do they need texts?

I'll try to stick around long enough to get the 6th/7th round picks, then I'm out until 630 AM EST.

I'm going back and forth with KG right now, but PF won't be around for probably at least another 20 minutes as he is on his way home from work most likely.

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