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I Have The #1 Waiver Pick Out of 14 Teams - Which of These 13 Should I Take? WHIR 100%!!

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My league waits until the first full week is complete before the waiver order is determined.

I'm in a 14-team mixed redraft (non-keeper) 7x7 roto league.  The extra categories are OBP, Total Bases, Holds & Quality Starts.

According to my league and CBS rankings, below are the top 13 available players sorted by ownage percentage.

There were more players available within this range but I didn't include them if they were injured or catchers.

I'm looking to pick up the best available player regardless of my roster construction because this is a high trade volume league.

(SP) Steven Matz (TOR) - 71%
(RP) Alex Reyes (STL) - 71%
(DH) Yermin Mercedes (CHW) - 70%
(RP) Julian Merryweather (TOR) - 69%
(OF) Akil Baddoo (DET) - 61%
(SP) Matt Shoemaker (MIN) - 56%
(SP) Mike Minor (KCR) - 51%
(RP/SP) Logan Allen (CLE) - 50%
(SP) Brad Keller (KCR) - 50%
(OF) Tyler Naquin (CIN) - 48%
(3B) Evan Longoria (SFG) - 45%
(RP) Cesar Valdez (BAL) - 45%
(OF) Michael Taylor (KCR) - 45%

Thanks in advance & WHIR 100%!!

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10 minutes ago, fishingguy12345 said:

None of the above. 


I'd hold on to your#1 priority for when someone makes a rage drop.

The waiver order is determined weekly by reverse standings.  If I don't use it I lose it!!

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It’s pretty clearly Mercedes or Reyes.  Mercedes has been great, but you have to be able to swallow the lack of position eligibility. 

Return the favor?


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