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Dynasty to start at the end of our playoffs

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Hello everyone!

At this end of this fantasy season I want to start a new dynasty. Aim is to have as many active and knowledgeable owners as possible.

It will be a 14t, on fantrax with a 35 game limit and expanded rosters. (flexible about the platform esp. if a significant majority prefers espn)

I cannot stress enough that inactives will be removed on the spot and with minimal warnings. It's your responsibility to log in at least a couple of times per week and to answer your PMs on discord as well as trade offers. If you can't commit to this, this league isn't for you.

More details here

The format is explained in the link above, but let me add that I think 14 is just about the right size. If you go 16 or more, you will have to constantly deal with inactives. 

If you go with less, it is too shallow to be interesting.

I'll start creating a list of participants as soon as I hear back from you guys. If we exceed 14 participants, the main criterion will be merit not who applied first, so do let me know a few things about yourself and fantasy.

Finally, a few words about me. This is my fifth year in fantasy. I have managed multiple leagues in many different formats. Very passionate about this game, I strongly prefer formats that favour strategic decision making instead of secretarial task managing excellence. I don't always win, but I rarely stay out of the playoffs, so I think I'm justified in calling myself an above average player. Committed to making my leagues as good and active as humanly possible.

In my non fantasy time, i'm a foreign language teacher who is also into philosophy and I really enjoy talking about these topics.

If you like this format and you are a committed manager I'd love to hear from you.



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So, league is 14 t, 18 men roster, 9 cat, ESPN, 10 dollar buy in, 1st place takes 70%, 2nd place takes 30%.

Trade discussion and slow draft will be on discord.

We still miss one owner.

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