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1st year doing FBB.  10 team Yahoo, just throwing my team out there for opinions on who I might need to drop or pickup as I haven't been paying much attention, it's mostly a for fun league.

D Graham, D Murray, Lillard, Anunoby, B Ingram, Love, Drummond, Covington, B Bogdanovic, Gobert, Morant, Bridges, Gafford

Top available based on Roster %:

Nurkic, S Adams, C White E Bledsoe Whiteside, Rubio, Hachimura, Ingles, McConnell, Kuzma, Barton, D Rose, D Jordan, Zubac, Bazely, Melo, K Johnson, L Williams, Crowder, Batum



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9 hours ago, enbhie said:

which bojanovic & bridges? 🙄

TJ is worth to pick up if you need stocks, and perhaps K.Love is one to drop because he might be unable to play b2b  games.


The guy from the Jazz, and Mikal Bridges (Suns?)

I feel like I usually win steals and almost always win blocks, I think I need more points than anything...

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1 hour ago, Moose1991 said:

Yeah knowing which bridges and bogdanovic would help to answer this question but TJ and nurkic are the players I would aim for. Would probably drop bogdanovic (if hes the utah player).



TJ McConnell from the Pacers?  I drafted Nurkic and he is always injured.  He is out today.  Do you think he will turn it on in the next few weeks?

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