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Offer McCann & McNeil for Votto and a SP upgrade?

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I have talked with another owner who has very good pitching but in need of hitting, while I am in the reverse spot in this 14-team NL roto league. I'm getting some contributions from players like Josh Harrison that I don't expect to last, but I think I can move McNeil and McCann for a good upgrade, although I prefer just to deal McCann. After McNeil, I only have Harrison and Adrianza 2B eligible, but I also only have Fuentes, Pavan Smith and Slater as 1B eligible, hence Votto is an upgrade. McCann is expendable because I can replace him with Stallings or Vogt. 

His staff is Kershaw, Darvish, Morton, Mahle, Hoffman, Kimbrel, Hand, Price, Ginkel. I'm hurting in ERA and WHIP with Castillo off to a slow start, some horrible outings from Corbin, Waino and Cahill. So I was thinking Votto and Mahle or Morton would help me out nicely. Neither hitter has much category juice, but it would knock me down a bit in the offensive categories. Is this a good match? Any ideas for a smaller McCann trade, maybe straight up for Mahle or one of his closers if he goes for it?

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Offered/Accepted. I am definitely going to need some 2B help at some point when Josh Harrison inevitably gets hurt, but I'm hoping Votto's early resurgence translates to a resurgent season. Does anyone think I should have gone after Mahle instead of Morton? I didn't want to buy too high on his early results, and I still like Morton's overall chances at Wins better, because the Reds pen is so messy and Mahle still has efficiency issues. Morton's durability is always an issue, too, but I feel a lot better about my staff now. I didn't want to completely give up on Waino and Corbin, and I think they can turn things around later in the year, but this gives me another option in the meantime while they work things out on my bench. 

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