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7 minutes ago, meh2 said:

Lucas Giolito, with an ADP of 18, has an ERA of 5.79. Meanwhile, Danny Duffy, with an ADP of 575, has an ERA of 0.64. Sometimes I wonder why I play this dumb game.

His bump in era was from one outing. every pitcher has one or two blow ups in a year.

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Now everyone knows how it feels to own Patrick Corbin

TFW when you remember you have Giolito in one of your leagues and then realize you forgot to start him.

Gio had 10 walks+hits in that 1.0+ inning DeGrom has 14 walks+hits this season

7 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:

If DeJong could hit .240 even...he'd be a very valuable fantasy player.  

he's a career .248 hitter and has hit over .240 every season of his career except for one.  odds are he will hit over .240.

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6 minutes ago, Picard56 said:

Whenever I see Bohm's name I think of jackie Chiles. Balm, who told you to put the balm on?!

Unfortunately my mind goes directly to Kid Rock. 

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I finally gave up and started benching Soler but Jaysus why did my OFs have a day off so I started him today anyway... Better off taking all 0s than an Ofer 3, 0fer 4.

The thing is, when I sit him, he gets hits!

What will it take for KC to bench him? Is he out of options? Can they send him to AAA for a week to work things out?

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Wandy Peralta nails down the vulture save, Giants win 2-0 on the strength of a Brandon Belt 2-R HR and 6 strong innings from Gausman. Announcers note after the game that Gabe Kapler's career record as manager is now 200-200, interestingly enough

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22 minutes ago, sasnumberonefan said:

By no means a complaint, but it will always baffle me how often Trout k’s considering he is the best player on the planet. 

When you walk as much as you K it doesn’t matter too much 

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Joe Musgrove really is a different pitcher. Amazing that he had those outstanding breaking balls but never really leaned into them


Isn’t there a saying about playing to your strengths?

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