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I'm a Paddack owner in a 12-team H2H Categories league (QS instead of W). 

Would it be crazy to offer my Paddack for Trevor Rogers straight up? 

I just don't have a ton of confidence he'll turn it around (or won't be sent down at some point), and I'm thinking the other owner might accept based on name recognition alone. 

Would you do this?


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I actually don't think that's crazy, and it's very possible Rogers finishes as the better pitcher this year. Paddack is just such a head scratcher, so there's really no way to tell if he'll get it together or not. If you just want out from Paddack I'd say give it a shot, though it's possible his name recognition might get you someone higher?

Help with mine?


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Agree with the others — I’d definitely make the swap, but I’m not sure you can get him 1-for-1. Might have to go 2-for-2.   Good luck!

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