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Rotoworld league next year?

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Yes it probably would be exciting, very competitive and fun. but would you really trust some of the advice you were getting in the forums during the year? i would have to go somewhere else for trade, lineup, pickup drop advice. besides what is more fun than getting some inside info from rotoworld and using it on helpless owners that dont use rotoworld?

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I agree...I like knowing that I can get reliable info.

10 team 6 cat league

15 players

3g 3f 2c

G: AI, Hinrich, Joe Johnson, Starbury, JRich, BRoy

F: Duncan, Josh Howard, Kirilenko, Nene, Gay, Patterson

C: Dalembert, Milsap, Miller

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I mean, most people play multiple leagues anyways....u could still ask for advices for your other leagues, and make decisions on your own for this one. Dr. A can you please work something out? B) if he and other rotoworld people play in our league that would be unbelievable

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i would play a deep roster league with no inane categories like ejections, just regular 9 cat H2H. I would even venture to comish it.

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if you guys want to put together a RW Message Board league next year, I'd play...I'd prefer it to be weekly and not cost any cash...we could use yahoo or nba.com to host...i prefer nba.com as that yahoo deadline of early monday morning is a pain in the you know what...

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Sounds like a plan. When time comes I'll set up the league through nba.com.

So far we got

1-mr. clutch

2-Tarheel nation



5-Dr. A

How big a league? Keeper or Redraft? I'd prefer 12-14 team reg H2H keeper with expanded rosters (+3 to 4 starters, +1 to 3 on bench) over everything, but can understand the lack of commitment.

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I'd be in it sounds like fun. I doubt Dr. A would start sabotaging his articles so that he could win a free fun league as opposed to being a huge contributor to the best fantasy site online so none of the rest of us would need to either. If Dr. A gets the #2 pick in the draft and I see a rotoworld article about how Earl Boykins should be the top pick I might want out B) .

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oh and im game for any sort of league but here are some suggestions to think about for the league:

1) 12-14 teams maximum

2) keeper league - makes the draft better and keeps losing teams in it a little better i think

3) i'd prefer daily but weekly is cool too - but definitely at nba.com then because yahoo blows for the sunday thing - reading dr a's advice on monday morning and my lines are already set = doh!

4) worst team has waiver priority - or use a auction format for free agents

5) anyone who is a little creative with graphics could make a small rotoworld trophy sig for the forum posts that goes to the winner

again just throwing some suggestions out there...as i know everyone probably prefers a few different styles of league play...

this should be pretty fun and im looking forward to it B)

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Thanks to Mr. Clutch for the pm, I'd been so immersed in sabermetrics that I'd lost all track of this.

First, I've removed Tar Heel Nation from the list, because they said they were only interested in mock drafts. We can set one of those up too. But this was for an actual league, which they indicated they were not interested in.

I'm putting the cap on the league at 12. All else can be discussed further.


1. Mr Clutch31


3. bloodface

4. Dr. A

5. nickalero99

6. KaliKot

7. mothman

8. bbythepier

9. thaima1shu


11. Shot Kallerz

12. JLiez


1. DGLitchH

2. Hard COR Golpher




Please email me at sonitus7 at hotmail and provide

1. Your Name

2. Your Rotoworld Name

3. A reliable email address

And this will confirm your entry into the league. If you at any time believe that you will not be able to participate in the leauge, no problem! Just kindly send me an email or pm, at your earliest conveniece please, and I can adjust accordingly and move the first alternative into the league.

Considering the size of this sub-area right now, we can converse on how we'd like this to go here. In the future, I thinka good idea for the forums would be a permanent fixed (non-bumping upon new entries to the thread) on page threads to conduct all league business. This is where we can move our discussions here to if that occurs.

It's likely many of you aren't checking this area where this discussion has been moved to. I will send you each a pm to direct you here.

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Also, I'm capping the alternates at 5. If more people are interested, I'd suggest starting another thread and forming your own league!

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My preferences:

1. H2H standard 9 cat or 8 cat, no TOs

2. weekly transactions

3. nba.com because of their weekly lineup deadline

4. 12 teams sounds perfect

5. Roster spots: no preference between standard yahoo (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, Util, 3 bench) of nba.com (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, FC, C, Util, 5 bench), but if we go with yahoo settings, maybe 1 more bench spot. I think we should leave the total number of roster spots at 13 or 14, no more.

6. It might be tough to coordinate, but I'd prefer a live draft.

7. Non-keeper. If you aren't willing to stay competitive all year, don't join the league.

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