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New Offer: Bregman for Bieber? WHIR

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Thanks to everyone who replied to my Tatis for Bieber question.  He made a second offer: Bregman for Bieber.

My staff is Bieber, Glasnow, Morton, Lynn, Castillo, Eovaldi, E Rodriguez.  I have 4 position players on the IL.

Would I be better off to package 2 other pitchers for Bregman?  If so, which would you suggest to be fair?  

Thanks.  WHIR

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Absolutely not!   Bregman is a really good fantasy contributor for sure,but Bieber is a rare space maker. His starts create space between your stats and the other guys.  (Almost)Every time he pitches he gives you a big bump in 4 pitching categories.   Once you lose that it is impossible to make up.  Bregman is great, but his contributions can be pieced together easier and the replacement difference won't be as big.  I'd start with a lower end kne and see what I could get.  If I was moving Bieber,  I'd have to get a top 5 bat in return.  That's not bregman.

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