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21 minutes ago, collucho said:

Donaldson x Cruz is a nasty 3-4 combo. 

Luis Castillo does not instill confidence but he made it through the first I'll take it.

Billion dollar talent. 5 cent brain.

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2 hours ago, Richard Kimble said:

Have a ton of players starting on the Braves and DBacks for my NL only team, so hoping that double header is a slugfest! No one should be relying heavily on Smyly's first start off the DL so let's go Acuna, Ozuna, Calhoun and please let Nick Ahmed do something with the bat!

Calhoun and Vogt have done their part, and while Ahmed got a base hit, he got caught stealing. I would have been so happy with one SB, but baby steps. Average up to .093 now...

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12 minutes ago, 89Topps said:

To my untrained eye, it just looks like he has really poor command. Not so much that he walks the entire universe, but he just seems to catch a lot of the plate way too often.

No idea why they would trot Luzardo out for the 7th already at 86 pitches.

 He’s facing the bottom of Baltimore’s lineup (the absolute dregs of MLB hitters) and he’s piping meatball sliders and fastballs in the dead middle of the plate.

His line may not end up being awful, but I’m discouraged by the start.

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15 minutes ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

Haggerty getting on base with some speed, worth a pickup?

Meh, for your deep 29 man league, over a guy like Miller or Galvis, sure. Once Kelenic comes up playing time will be scarce but he's got a few weeks yet of some strong platoon production, like an Austin Slater type

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34 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

Kopech 3ks in the 1st of his spot start and a 2-0 lead but at 23 pitches already, whats the final number IP/Pitches for him? 

6Ks 1 ER and 40 pitches through 2. Needs some real quick innings or there is no chance at the W at this point.

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4 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

I'm not interested in the least bit by a potential 7-inning no hitter from Zac Gallen, just can't get excited about it. Was Alec Mills' last season a 7 inning game? Moot point as I'm typing, Freeman got a hit.

Hey Kimble...did you find the one-armed man yet?

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40 minutes ago, mks said:

Trout Betts Acuna Soto Tatis  top 5 hitters dealing with injuries this yr already.


39 minutes ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

Add another 1st rounder in yelich..

Trea got HBP on the forearm and is out of the game. 

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46 minutes ago, collucho said:


I am sure if I had this Jesus and he was pitching againest baltimore he find out a way to lose.  If I had this jesus and he was a hitter he get hit on the elbow and be out for 3 days like Trout is

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