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-I'm in semi-finals on my playoffs,

-They say King and KPJ are coming back this week who are my drops?

-Btw I.Stewart , G,Trent Jr,Time Lord and Hayward are free agents and available


Team, H2H, 9 Cat, 1.st in Leauge
PG J.Holiday, D.White, K.Irving, J.Clarkson 
SG A.Edwards , C.LeVert                           
SF  P.George , K.Middleton                        
PF D.Green , Sabonis, Noel,Plumlee        
C  Gafford                                                    

IL Lebron James  , Kevin Porter Jr.                             

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Sabonis is injured. Swap him with LBJ's IL spot.

When LBJ is back on the court, he will also provide rebounds and assists, so that will lessen the immediate need for another guard or PF/C

KPJ is good for 3pts, assists (when he's dishing) and scoring. Efficiency is volatile. See if you can keep him on IL and when another player gets the injury tag, do a swap.

Noel is valuable with stocks. Gafford has major upside in blocks. These 2 can win blocks and contribute greatly in rebounds.

Plumlee has been very good when he plays.

If you must, the drop is KPJ.

No need to grab any free agents.

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