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Is Victor Robles drop-able for...?

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14-Team H2H Categories (OPS)

Drop Robles for:

  • Nico Hoerner
  • Justin Upton
  • Andrew Benintendi
  • Jesus Aguilar


Robles is this worst.  Always has been.  On draft day I realized I was low on steals and picked him up in a panic.  Instant regret. 

Aguilar will offer me zero steals, I realize, but he's hot right now. 

The others don't have Robles' steals projection, but...well...they're at least on base to run. 

In a 14-teamer is it time to ****-can him for one of the others?

(Rush: I'm not going to drop a MT.  I'm going to drop Robles.)

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I agree with the play "week to week" idea. I'd go scoop someone hot right now and dump Robles. I don't think you'll miss Robles.


Go with Upton while he's hitting well, and then pick up the next hot hitter when Upton goes 0-4 a few nights in a row.


Robles' upside is gonna be limited as long as he doesn't hit the ball hard and while he's hitting 8th. He's not gonna run much in front of the Pitcher and he doesn't have enough power to matter on its own.

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