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Who to drop in superflex dynasty (0.5 PPR)? WHIR

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I have 1.01, 1.08, 2.06, 3.06, and 4.06 in the upcoming rookie draft, and I only have three bench spots so I need to drop two more players to use all of my picks. I am (hopefully) on the upswing of a rebuild, and these are the players I could reasonably drop:


DeAndre Washington

Jeremy McNichols

Ja'Mycal Hasty

TJ Yeldon

Keelan Cole

AJ Green (feels weird, but he's 32 and idk if he's worth holding onto at this point)

Jalen Hurd

Lynn Bowden


Of course I could just keep all of them and then lose my 3rd and 4th round picks, but these guys don't seem to have much upside... currently thinking of dropping some combination of Washington, Yeldon, and Cole, but could go in any direction at this point. WHIR of course.

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On 4/30/2021 at 11:46 PM, ilikepieman said:

I only have three bench spots so I need to drop two more players to use all of my picks

Of course if you don't need all your picks, you can bundle your picks to trade up, but on the other hand, you probably want to get rid of almost all the guys you mention. BTW I would also really like to know how many teams, which positions and how many bench spots total, but I'm going to assume 12 team, QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/Flex/Superflex, and probably 10 bench? Otherwise you wouldn't be holding to most of these guys.

AJ Green: Green can probably still be a WR3 or WR4 for one more year, at least for a couple games. Probably keep.

Keelan Cole: One of the many Jets WRs. The Jets invested in one more fairly useless WR, and a fresh QB and a Guard. If you must keep one of these guys, I see some room for improvement with Cole and you could consider to keep him.

Jeremy McNichols: RB2 behind Henry and they didn't draft any RBs. Maybe keep him.

Lynn Bowden: I don't see this kid have much relevance behind Parker/Gesicki/Fuller/Williams. But it could happen.

Jalen Hurd: What can you say about a guy who was drafted in 2019 and hasn't played a single game yet? That he's probably already past his prime now. Probably try to flog him in a trade to the SF49ers fan in your league (there's always one).

Ja'Mycal Hasty: may not even make the roster, especially now they drafted Trey Sermon. Dropville.

DeAndre Washington: FA at the moment. Prime candidate for dropping.

TJ Yeldon: Free Agent. Bye!

My verdict: keep Green and maybe Cole, definitely drop Washington, Yeldon and probably Hasty, and don't get too attached to McNichols, Bowden and Hurt.

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@Boudewijnthanks for the tips—it's a 12 team league with QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, and Superflex along with 21 bench spots and 5 IR. So there are generally between 360 and 420 players on rosters depending on how many are on IR.

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1 minute ago, ilikepieman said:

21 bench spots and 5 IR


Yeah that's... a lot.

In that case obviously I get why you have these guys, and you can justify all of them. In fact, even Washington and Yeldon may still have some trade value.
Do you have to drop before the draft or you can drop during or even after the draft?

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