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Three deals on the table in a 3 OF 2 UTIL league, 12 teams. I'm overcrowded with stud OF (Soto, Alvarez, Tucker, Walsh, Kiriloff, E Rosario, Brantley, Haniger, K Tucker  and could use starting pitching in a QS league. The guys I'm most happy to part with are Walsh, Rosario, Brantley. 


1. I give Brantley for Zach Gallen or Luis Castillo straight up

2. I give Brantley for Stroman straight up

3. I give Olson and Brantley for Freeman


Which, if any, deals would you do? Any other SP targets I should be looking for?

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Couple of real nice options. I'd say if SP is your biggest need then Castillo is a steal for Brantley. I'm confident he's going to right the ship and the velo increase is very positive direction. Depending on whose on waivers, I probably like the Freeman trade the most though. But if SP is most needed then what I said above. Thanks for the help on mine. 

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I’d take the Freeman deal and then try to package two OFers like Walsh/Haniger for a pitcher. If you don’t feel comfortable trying that I’d just do Brantley for Gallen

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