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Discount Orphan team in CBS Auction Dynasty

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Auction Dynasty. Normal entry is $150 but you can have this team for half price this year $75 email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com if you have any questions or want this team!

League entry is $150 and will be collected through leaguesafe.com. $150 to the CBS fee, $100 stays in leaguesafe for the orphan league kitty. $1,850 to the prize pool.

Regular season 1st $425, 2nd $300, 3rd $200, 4th $150
Playoffs 1st $325, 2nd $225, 3rd $150
Toilet Bowl winner gets $75

You can keep as many players as you want. Each keeper gets a $5 raise. You get one Franchise tag each year. A Franchise tagged player does not require a raise. You must be able to draft a full roster with your $200 budget.

You will have a $200 budget for each off season draft. You must draft a full roster with that budget. All undrafted players will have a $1 value. Once the draft is complete a players salary will not change for that season.

Matthew Stafford QB | LAR  26
James Conner RB | ARI  6
Amari Cooper WR | DAL 30
Mike Gesicki TE | MIA   3
Corey Davis WR | NYJ   1
Alvin Kamara RB | NO   61
Mike Glennon QB | NYG   1
Jimmy Garoppolo QB | SF   19
DeeJay Dallas RB | SEA    2
Nyheim Hines RB | IND    10
Boston Scott RB | PHI     2
A.J. Dillon RB | GB.    4
DeAndre Washington RB | MIA.   1
Gardner Minshew QB | JAC.     1
Rashard Higgins WR | CLE.    6
Alex Smith QB | WAS.    1
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