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Replacements needed in 2 separate Dynasty Leagues

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We are looking for replacements for a few inactive managers who have been removed in 2 leagues which follow the same set of rules.

Both leagues are roto salary cap leagues also using contracts and with minor league roster. The leagues are run using a combination of proboards, yahoo and google sheets. 

All information about the leagues including rules and how to claim a team can be found using the links to proboards below.

League 1 -  Available teams | Salary Cap Baseball 2021 (freeforums.net)

Open team are - Cleveland Indians - Salary Cap Dynasty Year 2 - Cleveland Indians | Fantasy Baseball | Yahoo! Sports

                             New York Yankees - Salary Cap Dynasty Year 2 - New York Yankees | Fantasy Baseball | Yahoo! Sports


League 2 -  Available Teams | The Grind Baseball League (freeforums.net)

Open teams are - Atlanta Braves - The Grind - Atlanta Braves | Fantasy Baseball | Yahoo! Sports

                              Chicago Cubs - The Grind - Chicago Cubs | Fantasy Baseball | Yahoo! Sports

                              Toronto Blue Jays - The Grind - Toronto Blue Jays | Fantasy Baseball | Yahoo! Sports


Feel free to e-mail  rodger_hill@hotmail.co.uk or rook1522@yahoo.com with any questions about claiming a team.

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Let me explain these leagues. We go into great detail in being the closet thing to real MLB. There are small market teams and large market teams. Each year brings a new cap amount based on final standings. That new cap amount  may present contract problems. Teams might have to rebuild or use that cap to go for the title. Our four round prospect draft is all the more important. The best of these prospects when ready to play will have contracts cheap enough to be with your team 10+ years. Scout high school, college, foreign players before they become household names and draft them. Our leagues trade a bunch especially when we return each year. Easily over 50 trades. We position for the draft. We solve roster issues, we trade cap dollars, and draft picks for up to two years. 

In these leagues you’re not the manager, but more of a General Manager. Look, if you want immediate satisfaction, play elsewhere. If you want a better fantasy baseball experience play with us. 

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Posted (edited)

The league is active but the chat not so much during the season it does pick up during pre season when we're drafting and most of the trading is done. Most 1 to 1 chat is done through private messaging on proboards.

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