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Yordan Alvarez to get Jack Flaherty? WHIR

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16 team league keeper league, yahoo, roto, 5x5. we keep 5.

coming into this season I kept Soto, Alvarez, Grisham, Voit, Buehler.

C- Grandal. 1B- Voit. 2B- Solak. 3B- Moustakas. SS- Hampson. IN- McNeil.
OF- Soto. OF- YAlvarez. OF- Grisham OF- Blackmon. UT- WCalhoun.
BN- Peralta, SBrown, Abrams. DL- Cron.

SP- Buehler, Paddack, Marquez, Manaea, Peralta, deSclafani, German.
RP- Jansen, Neris, Valdez, Trivino, Graveman, Fairbanks.
DL- NAnderson. DL- Gonsolin.


I have been good on offense. with 16 teams I currently rank.. 16 - 12.5 - 14 - 13 - 11.

plus I get Voit back today.

I've struggled with pitching, 5 in ERA, 7 in WHIP.


I have an offer to get Jack Flaherty to give up Yordan Alvarez.

I have too many OF and have a replacement for YA already.


should I accept this? will Flaherty be great?


leave a link, WHIR



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In a vacuum is take Alvarez. But looking at your roster I’d take flaherty. You need pitching, Flaherty instantly becomes your #2 SP. You have the hitting depth to offset the loss of Alvarez. Flaherty and Alvarez are close enough that in a 16 team lead this is a pretty fair trade and one you should do. 

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I usually take the bat over the SP in a vacuum, but it's a fair offer. Simply comes down to needs.

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I think in a dynasty league this is about as fair as it gets, both players are young and elite in some ways. Pitchers get injured more but Alvarez has knee issues. If it helps balance your team, and it seems it does, I think it is fair.



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