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Long-time 12-Team ESPN All Cat. Looking to Rebuild with 4 New Owners

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Our long-time Keeper is looking to rebuild for next season. We have 12 teams. Of that group, 2 owners were barely active this year and we are replacing them. We also have 2 others who though they were very active, will not be returning next season. So we are looking for four new owners so that we can have an active offseason. Here are the specs:

League: Alley Oopers

Teams: 12

Format: All Category (1 Win, Loss or Tie after each week's games)

Playoffs: 8 teams (winner of post-season tourney between the 4 non-playoff teams gets #1 pick the next season)

Draft Style: LIVE with 5 Keepers (draft pick trading is allowed ... for ex., you can trade away the #1 pick in the draft for another team's top-flight star just like in the real world...or you can trade multiple lower round picks for a prized high round pick, like trade 8th, 9th and 10th round picks for a 2nd round pick, etc.)

Vacant Teams: Mac's Mastrodons, Iceberg Slim, Hand Down Man Down, Crow Wing Loons

* please note that Hands Down has secured the #1 pick for next season.

If you are interested in claiming a team, please leave your email address in this posting and name the team you would like to take over. First come, first served. Thanks!

The Commish

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1 hour ago, jalexjr said:

Just to correct -- we use the POINTS format to determine the weekly H2H outcome. Not categories. Sorry I sometimes get that wrong in haste.Thanks.


Interested in Mac's.  Will send message with email.  Thanks.


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We have recruited two new owners. We still need to get two more to get back to full strength. LEave hyour name and email address if you would like to take over a team. Thanks.

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Hey Chris! Mac's team is already taken. Iceberg Slim and Hand Down, Man Down are the two remaining squads looking for a new owner. Do either of those interest you? If so, leave your email address and identify which team and I will send you an invite. 

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Hi there. Send me a team that needs work. Smart, experienced and markpion06@gmail.com. Thx.


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