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Hello Branded Sports Network is comprised of college basketball and football. This is a premium set concept and there is a small feel, paid directly to Fantrax. You may own 1 school in each conference. You can play with different schools in football and basketball.
Each conference has its own player database. We must always have 12 of our branded players, def on our rosters for football and 8 for basketball at all times. The balance of the rosters are comprised of players from other conferences. If you own a school in a conference then you can not own any player on your roster that plays for a school in the same conference.
If interested please put your Fantrax ID next to the school or schools available in the conference you wish to participate in and I will add you. I am giving the google doc for you to do this.
All open football teams have strong and competitive opening day rosters on them. You can be competitive and compete. I have the settings so that no team in football can claim more than 5 players in each week with 25 transactions a year. If you need to have any branded players placed on your roster you can create a thread on Fantrax for me and I will take care of it. The following schools are available in football. Please sign up for football and basketball on our spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E5QqUQdpND01r40rIDpcfemMJYaYMvFvIwLioKqS0ps/edit#gid=0

ACC: BC, Ga. Tech, Pitt, Va Tech, Wake Forest

Big XII: Kansas St, TCU Big Ten: Illinois, Ind, Neb, NW

Mtn, West: Fresno St, New Mexico, UNLV, Utah St.

Pac 12: Arizona, Cal, Colorado

SEC: Missouri

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