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10+ Year Keeper League Orphaned Teams

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This is a league that's been around for over a decade. We had a pair of brothers who were long-term owners leave heading into this season and unfortunately the replacements were less than ideal. There was some controversy over a trade involving them and eventually a group including the two new guys and two of their friends in the league abruptly quit. The rest of the league is all long-term, core owners and this is a solid league.

This is a $50 league on Fantrax. We were on ESPN for the first 10 years, then to CBS, and have been on Fantrax the last 2. All 3 orphaned teams are paid up for BOTH this season (2021) AND next season (2022). Given the turmoil we've had this season and the fact that the teams are free for 2 years, I'd like a commitment to stay and be active at least through 2022. I would also like at least one reference from someone you've been in a league with. Now that COVID is winding down, if we can get to a nice long-term group we'd like to start doing our drafts in person. We're all spread out across the country, but it'd be great to make a weekend trip out of it.

League link:  https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/2rvqzd1mkfvacw5c/home

The open teams are:

Joe Buck Yourselves - currently #1 in the league standings

Captain Fantastic - currently #2 in the league standings

Fantasy Brad - he sold a lot of stars this year so this team will likely struggle to make the playoffs this year, but next season it has a TON of high draft picks AND 8 keeper slots....in a league that only allows each team to keep 3 players. Yes, that's right, 8 keeper slots in a 3 keeper league in 2022!


Please read the league rules AND league constitution which can both be found under the League Rules Summary tab from the main page.

Any questions, please email me at del.braaten@gmail.com and let's get these teams filled in a great, extremely competitive, and EXTREMELY active league!

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Still looking for Joe Buck, which is wild because the team is currently in 1st.

I know the link has been troublesome so I’ll list a couple of the studs just to give an idea:

Darvish, Glasnow, Betts, Yelich, Bieber, Hader and a great group surrounding them as well

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