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Replacement Owner For ACTIVE League

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Looking for an ACTIVE owner to replace an inactive one from my league. By ACTIVE we mean someone who will participate in trading, WW add/drops and be more than just a lineup setter. We do have a chatroll on the league page (for smack talk, mlb discussions and trade dialogue) along with a makeshift trade block via google docs to help encourage trading. League is a DYNASTY CATEGORY league through ESPN. 

Team has some good building blocks and with the right owner can be brought out of the cellar.

Some players include the following: Tatis, Trea Turner, Rutschman, Buxton, Wendle, Carlos Santana, Cease, Scherzer, Sixto, Corbin Burnes and Maeda to name a few. (plenty of solid core pieces for someone to retool and make competitive)

If you have any additional questions about the league or the team please let me or another LM know and we will be happy to answer them.

You can view the team by following the link below:


You can email me or another LM at the following:

natekidd33@gmail.com or wbyrum2@gmail.com

Thanks for looking and hope to hear back from someone soon.


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Team is open again.

If you want the team, you MUST BE ACTIVE!!! 

If you do not set the lineup daily, make add/drops regularly and respond to trade requests, then this is not the team nor league for you.

Respond to this post or email me at natekidd33@gmail.com for more info.

Thanks for looking!

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