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Just now, collucho said:

Bruh just leave Castillo in the ******** game.

Didn't start Castillo today but man that is brutal. I don't know how a bullpen ends up as bad as Cincy's is right now. 

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2 hours ago, ChrisChinMcCaffrey said:

Schoop with the bomb. Nice to now have a 2b who does something besides dj lemahieu.

Haase...I picked him up. Sorry in advance. 😆

This x20.  And why did you add Haase?  I did too - come on, man!

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3 minutes ago, Low and Away said:

Phillies/Braves game highly entertaining in extra innings with the Phillies winning. Like this new way of doing extra innings.

I love the new way of doing extra innings.  Extra innings used to be so boring.  Everyone striking out or popping up trying to be the big freaking hero with a homer.  Now they are forced to play some real baseball in extra innings.

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