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Trade Betts for JD Martinez & L.Hendircks WHIR?

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Looking for some feedback on this deal (team in signature). I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this, JD being older does concern me a bit but I need a closer badly.

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I don't like it too much... I think Betts is finally showing some life, and if you ride it out a little longer, he could continue to gain trade value. Keep in mind he was likely a top-5 pick in most leagues, and hasn't returned top-100 value for most of the season. He is now, and it can only get better...right?

I'd worry about Martinez's wheels falling off down the stretch. Mainly because he is older and had shown signs of regression. It could rear its ugly head again.


If you really need a closer, there's probably a way to get one without dealing Betts. I see no real problem with the trade, but feel like your reasoning (need for a CL) isn't the best for dealing Betts. I'm sure you have other pieces that you could trade for a closer, no...?

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