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2021 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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36 minutes ago, predator_05 said:

We can change the rules for next year's draft, and make it 12 hours. 


We could have a "Fantasy Draft Hours Budget" where everyone starts with 100 clock hours and whatever they have left after the draft is converted to some kind of FAAB bonus.

That wouldnt be fun to track though.  

24 hours isn't bad and it seems like we are moving along pretty quickly. 

The only person I ever remember abusing it was Robrain.  lol

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21 minutes ago, SharkSwimmer said:

I like Waddle a lot.  Tua, not so much.

time will tell. Tua is a good distributor of the football. He progresses through reads. He would, however, benefit from a top notch offensive minded coach instead of Flores, Chan Gailey, Eric studfeld, and George Godsey.

maybe Flores can hire Bill O’Brien back from alabama to make Tua a thing like he did for Watson.


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12 hours ago, Iron-cock said:


Kids today will never understand the struggle...leasure suit larry was the closest thing to pornhub back then....

And you had to answer the questions before you could play to prove you were 18, those questions are still hard

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1 minute ago, ZidaneValor said:

I'm back from vacation, but I'll need 30 minutes or so.  Doing something with the family right this sec.

Ur good dawg, u are the poster child of quick turnaround times, i assume u worked in the restaurant biz like i did?


edit:  misspell

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