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2021 Rotoworld Mock Real League

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Who’s in the top 6 that I can message some picks to? I stay pretty busy these days and don’t want to hold the draft up. 


Can my top 3 be Romo, Marion the Barbarian, and T.O.? 


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11 minutes ago, hockeyfan77 said:

Guys, I know I said I was in but unfortunately life happened and I'm going to have to bow out for the season: Sorry I wasn't able to inform you guys until now    

No problem, thanks for letting us know.

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Here's what I'm thinking: we can autopick the highest ranked player, keep the draft going, and buy some time to find a replacement. 

Or, since we're technically ahead of schedule, we can start looking for a replacement right now - feel free to recommend someone to me - and let him resume the draft.

It is awkward, but this was an unexpected withdrawal. 

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I'm open-minded to whatever we do, but I think letting the new guy have a complete draft is the way to go.
We can wait a day or two to find a new owner... slow draft anyway.
Having said that, I'm not clamoring for one way or another.

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