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Draft is tomorrow, would love some opinions!

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It's my second year playing fantasy football. I've got the 1st pick which I'm planning to take CMC with. It's 10 team half PPR. Should I be stocking up on running backs at my 2/3 turn? Is Darren Waller/George Kittle a reach at the 3 spot with first pick. Any insight would help, as to what your game plan would be. Thanks!

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Always load up on RB's RB's RB's RB's RB's RB'S RB's RB's RB's RB's. Just keep getting them!! You can wait on WR, QB, TE, Def, Kicker there's a bazillion of them to have for the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay later rounds. 

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Just to be sure you know this, the entire forum for the most part fades QB's.  If your league drafts one QB, wait as long as you can here.   You should have no trouble seeing 10 QB's that you like, probably even more than that.   If you see idiots taking a second QB before you have even one, let them.  They're leaving more valuable players out there for you to draft.

Regarding pick 20/21, i don't agree that you have to go RB/RB there at all.  Receivers like Metcalf or Ridley might fall that far, and you can almost certainly get a Mike Davis or Gaskin type in the 4/5 turn and they're adequate, and I never, ever believe you need THREE backs to succeed.   If your first two hit fine (and yes you gotta take one at that 2/3 turn IMO.    I dunno that I'd go TE there either.  I don't mind Waller or Kittle around that range but to me they're cusp of top 25 players, and at 20/21 I'm confident two guys will be available I like more.   



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