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Replacement owner for 3 sport dynasty league

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Looking for one replacement dynasty manager before the Football season starts. We had a manager leave during baseball season, and we are looking for a replacement. With a month or more away from the MLB trade deadline a replacement owner could come in and make some moves for this year or next. Pictures of baseball and basketball rosters can be sent upon request. The previous owner came middle of the pack with NBA and didn’t really care too much for MLB but has some good trade chips. The replacement manager will pay $50 for football but nothing for baseball or basketball until next season. 

Payouts for sport winners (football, basketball and baseball) and overall franchise as well. $50 per sport, everything will be ran through fantrax. League chat is through GroupMe. Salary caps per league are $300 per sport and it is a head to head points league. After this year, players will be extendable for 3 more years before they go back into free agency. 

if you’re interested, please message me with any questions!

Constitution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-DrEkDQ6n1gSesR8GmMc__HDfeN2jj1Y3s8NZgRDDPQ/edit


We will be tweaking football rules and drafting once we get the 12th. We have a good group of guys and are very active with chat and trade talks. 

Thanks for reading! 


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