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$300/NYC/LIVE AUCTION/MID OCTOBER 2021. Beginners league

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Any of you who regularly view rotoworld's "find a league" feature should be familiar with me and my league at this point

All of my leagues in baseball, football and hoops have an entry fee of $1000.

But 4 years ago I started this hoops league with a $300 entry fee because I found it easier to recruit beginners to join my hoops league at that amount. 

Most of the guys who joined the league did so out of curiosity and the need for entertain after baseball was over. 

Well I've had more than a handful of those very same guys after 2 or 3 seasons make the leap to my $1000 league thus creating a few open spots.

If you're interested in learning more about my league contact me at edbuzz261@gmail.com or contact me on my cell at 718 687 3251

No Keepers

17 teams

Standard 9 categories except we use Assist to Turnover Ratio instead of Turnovers

It's a lot of fun

One caveat, you must be able to come to the live auction in NYC (The Riverdale Section of The Bronx to be precise). It's a nice neighborhood. 10 minutes from the GWB. 20 minutes from any of the major bridges, Whitestone, Throgs Neck or Tappan Zee Bridges (now the Mario Cuomo Bridge).

We rent out a private room in a restaurant, we have a waitress, typical bar food, an auctioneer and an assistant to the auctioneer. It's a really good time

Feel free to contact me. I'll answer a million questions about the league

I hope to hear from you. 

Oh, I've been running leagues for well 2 decades now. I'm pretty good at it too. 

: )

Ok good luck finding a league that suits you. 

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