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FREE 24 team, contract dynasty league start-up (7 spaces available )

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Hello Everyone,

The O2 group will be starting up a FREE 24 team contract dynasty league. We currently have seven spaces remaining. The League's main goal is to be as close as possible to a real NBA simulation. The league is in a constant cycle of improvements. Because the league will look to improve on a consistent basis, rules and regulations will frequently change as the league advances in order to better imitate the NBA and close any loopholes that may occur. Prior to signing up it is necessary to read and comprehend the rule book in order to have a positive, competitive, and enjoyable fantasy experience.

Cap Holds, Stretched Provision, Draft Pick Protection, and Mid-Level Exceptions are some of the restrictions outlined in the NBA Bargaining Agreement that have not been listed in our rule book. However, If the majority of league members believe these regulations should be incorporated after a couple of seasons, we can have a discussion about it.

Proboards forum is used to run the entire league. As a result, Fantrax will only be used for schedules, standings and tracking scoring. Below is a quick overview of the league. 

League Overview

- The O2 Dynasty League's main goal is to emulate the real NBA
- 24 teams - Two, twelve team conferences (East and West)
- Sixty nine game schedule (3-4 games per game week) 
- Proboards forum is used to run the league, scoring is conducted on Fantrax
- Nine category H2H scoring (FG%,FT%,3PM,PTS,REB,AST,STL,BLK,TO)
- Each team will have 17 player positions, including daily line-up changes (2 PGs, 2 SGs, 2 SFs, 2PFs, 2Cs with 7 bench players of which 2 will be designated as two-way players.)
- Salary cap with luxury tax and hard cap is used (changes yearly based on how the cap moves in the real NBA)
- Contract options, including Birds Rights
- Regular, Team Option, Player Option and Hometown discounts contract types. 
- Two-Way and 10 day contracts 
- Trade Deadlines
- Free Agency (UFA & RFA)
- Waivers and Buyouts
- Annual two round rookie drafts
- Google Spreadsheets are used to keep track of contracts, salary caps and draft picks.
- Discord is our main form of communication and is obligatory for all new GM's
- O2 dynasty start-up will be carried out via an on-line draft auction (scheduled somewhere between September 24th and 26th)

Thank you for taking your time to read our overview. To access our rule book, please feel free to email me on proboardsdropbox@gmail.com and I will share it with you. 

O2 Dynasty Group. 

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The league is now full. However, we do have a waiting list for any one who is interested in our league. 

You can find out more by reaching out to us on proboardsdropbox@gmail.com

Thank in advance for your patience. 

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