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Estevan Florial 2021 Outlook

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In prospect land, Florial was once the top Yankees prospect a couple seasons ago. His upside was tremendous. some of that was Yankees hype...well a lot of it was. But he as considered very toolsy by the industry.  A lot of strikeouts brought him down, but this was a borderline top 20/30 prospect once upon a time. He's only 23.  Already has a homer and a steal since his recent call up. The Yankees need a savior, why not him?  Is he a must pick up in all leagues? No, probably just deep for now.   Got on base twice yesterday and today so far.

There's certainly some five category potential. Will he hit well enough to matter with the strikeouts is the question.  Could be Adolis Garcia like, but he does draw walks. Also he'd be hitting a better ballpark and lineup.  Left handed hitters in Yankees Stadium is always good too. There's legit upside here. I know a lot of you will quickly dismiss when you see how bad he was in AAA this year, but he got super hot lately if you look at the game logs. It's possible he's turning a corner. Again, he's only 23. This isn't super late to be debuting, and technically he debuted briefly last year.





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As a Yankees fan I hope this kid becomes a stud.  The issue is the contact skills, or lack of them.   What he has going in his favor is that in today's game of baseball, swinging and missing doesn't matter as much.  As long as you hit for power, and walk a little, the saber nerds in the basement of the stadium will tell the FO that you belong.  Like the OP mentioned, he was at one point one of the top, if not the top, prospect in the system.  He's only 23 and still has room to grow.  The one thing he does not lack, is tools.  Can he develop the bat to a point where he makes more consistent contact and strikes out less?  That will be what makes or breaks him imo and at 23 there is obviously time to do so.  As a fan it's awesome when your favorite team brings up a young, athletic, toolsy player with a high ceiling.

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