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Simulated (non-NBA) pro basketball game

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I have a team in a long-running (~20 years) online simulated pro basketball game that is looking for additional owners. We don't use NBA players; the players actually come from a similar college basketball simulation. (So it's even more make-believe than your standard fantasy sports game! But at 44, I'm too old to get made fun of for doing something dorky.)

Each coach/owner gets a pro team and what's basically a G-league team (24 players total). You draft, train monthly, sign free agents, etc. Games run Mon-Sat and we get through about 3 full seasons in a calendar year. (One of the things that originally drew me to the game was being able to play it during the NBA offseason.) Not a crazy time commitment. Hey, I've got 2 kids under 3, a crazy dog and a full-time job.

It's free to try out and then there's a very nominal fee to play ($5-10), although nobody who wants to play wouldn't be allowed to play.

It's fun. Good group of guys and a nice, responsive commish (the guy who wrote the game engine).

We've got a few openings. The regular season just ended and the draft isn't for another 5 weeks, so there's plenty of time to get up to speed. I guess if someone joined now they could start coaching right away, depending on what team you grab (there are consolation playoffs that run concurrently with the real playoffs).

LMK if you're interested and I can tell you more about it, including which available teams have the highest upside.

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