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Well Rotoworld Blurb Guy is out of the loop it looks like:


Xander Bogaerts is out of the starting lineup for the second straight day Tuesday. 

Bogaerts was said to just be getting the day off on Monday, but it appears there could be more to the story. Stay tuned.

Yeah there is more to the story, Mr Blurb.  D'uh.  It has been talked about in every single game lately.  Xander has been  dealing with a really sore wrist trying to play through it.  Been like that for a couple of weeks now.  He has to have it wrapped up tightly for batting practice or he has to skip BP period.  He moves it around and rubs it a lot in game.  He is a tough player but it is definitely not getting better and he needs to sit and let it get better because he is swinging at stuff one-handed at this point.

PS:  Someone clued in Mr Blurb now.  But Cora is spinning it.  Xander needs more than one day or we will be in an endless cycle of him trying to power through the injury and making it worse again and again.  That at least is Dr. Big Bat's assessment.  👨‍⚕️


Red Sox manager Alex Cora said Tuesday that Xander Bogaerts is getting "one more day" as he works through a wrist issue. 

The wrist issue has been a lingering thing, but it's not considered overly serious. Cora said Bogaerts didn't have an All-Star break, so they just want to give him a breather. Consider him day-to-day. 

Source: Chris Cotillo on TwitterJul 27,                    2021, 3:27 PM ET


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1 minute ago, weakkneeswilly said:

Trea Turner has come out of the game is he hurt or has he been traded? 

He didn't look like he was hurt, but I washed out of medical school...sooooo.

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48 minutes ago, collucho said:

Sox starting late with risk of PPD. :(

The front should only take an hour or hour and a half to move through then clear weather behind.  At least that was how long it took when it moved through where I live.

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3 minutes ago, stay_woke said:

Wander with a putrid at bat against Montgomery. Swings at 3 curveballs in the dirt in a row. Made Monty look like prime kershaw. Seems he really struggles with pitch recognition

Probably the dumpster he plays inside of.

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