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54 minutes ago, tonywow said:

Duran inside the park HR, then ruled a triple and error. Still and electric play.

Definitely should have been ruled a hr.  He ran full speed from the moment the ball left his bat and despite a slight bobble in the OF, he was never stopping at third base.

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Just now, Wytchclt55 said:

Anybody see why Posey was removed and is now DTD?

Hit with a foul ball in the forehead and removed as a precaution 

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3 hours ago, Richard Kimble said:

Meanwhile Houck is starting to look like a top tier pitcher in fantasy, these early returns are great. Can he really be this good? Could have a Clay Bucholz like rookie run here.

Eckersley really likes him not just for his stuff but how he carries himself.  Loves he wears his visor low, nothing ever seems to rattle him and especially that he calmly chews gum and blows bubbles on the mound while pitching.  He dubbed him Cool Hand Luke.  All he is missing is the shades.  😎

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