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1 minute ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

in all due respect...this start meant nothing.....lol

If he left the start after 2 innings with an issue it would have! Announcers said there are a ton of scouts in attendance.

Yan Gomes with the dinger to give his boy Scherzer a shot at the W in his potential last start with the Nationals.

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1 minute ago, collucho said:

I figured the high fives in the dugout meant he was done but we shall see shortly.

I would assume that as well, but at 88 pitches and no Hand and Hudson, I think they would let him finish what he started...  Especially since they will need the bullpen in game two with Corbin pitching...

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3 minutes ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:



If you’re gonna reply to a question at least attempt to answer it. 

Or simply stfu. That works too. 

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8 minutes ago, Braves16 said:

Rodon topping out at 92 mph in 1st. 

Isn't he usually high 90’s?

He seems to build up as the game goes on. Results haven't been good so far though. The team has been sleepwalking since the ASB

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45 minutes ago, posty said:

He will get to go for the CG...

Well I was definitely wrong there...  I would have thought with him at 88 pitches with only one inning to go that they would let him finish it up...

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