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A Letter to Rotoworld


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The other day I foound this e-mail I sent to one of the guys here at Rotoworld (AJ) from last year around this time about my boy Brandon Marshall.

Thought you guys would enjoy.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007 7:04 PM

Hey AJ...look forward to reading all the daily articles by you guys at Rotoworld, but c'mon, no mention of my boy Brandon Marshall?

He was averaging 5 receptions for 70 yards (with a touch) in the two game prior to his breakout 7 for 133.

He's got more receptions than Steve Smith, Harrison and Wayne, Braylon Edwards and Larry Fitzgerald, Coles, Berrian, Plaxico, and yes...T.O. Not to mention being 12th in receiving yards, two yds behind Reggie Wayne. He's huge, got moves, has amazing hands, wants to score everytime he touches the ball, and you're not gonna tackle him with the first attempt. Playing on the 2nd team with Culter last year has clearly helped their relationship which was evident in Brandons 12 looks to Javon's two receptions.

In the very near future he will be a superstar in this league and I'm not even a Bronco's fan...just a guy who had the foresight to draft him as my WR3 in a 16man league.

Anyway, great week for your Eagles...good luck the rest of the way.

Look forward to reading the site and please tell the boys over at Rotoworld to give B. Marshall his props.


Spina (Mastermind)

and real quick.......what do you think?

16 man League

QB: Jay Cutler<------------------------------picked up Derek Anderson

WR: Chad Johnson

WR: Calvin Johnson (Chad's little brother)

WR: Brandon Marshall (Baby TO)

RB: Travis Henry<---------------------------picked up Ryan Grant later in the year

RB: Adrian Peterson (Offensive ROY)

TE: Vernon Davis (was very high going into the draft)...picked up Donald Lee w/the injury

K: Nick Folk

D: Baltimore

**I know, a lot of Broncos, but it's working for now.

Later AJ


AJ never responded.

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Did you send it to AJ Daulerio? If so, you never got a response because he can't read.

Don't remember the last name...but soon everyone knew about my boy.

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